A weekend of user experience learning, collaboration,
and mentorship for startups, led by global and local mentors

Tel Aviv - August 4-6

Dates: Thursday-Saturday, August 4-6, 2011
Time: Aug 4 - 17:00-23:00, Aug 5 - 9:00-23:00, Aug 6 - 9:00-18:00
Place: WinBuyer (6 Yehezkel Kaufman St., 13th floor, Tel Aviv)
Questions: info@leanuxmachine.com 
Cost: 650 NIS per person
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Eden Shochat (Partner, Genesis Partners)
Yaniv Golan (Partner, lool Ventures)
Tomer Sharon (UX Researcher, Google New York)
leanuxmachine2011.tumblr.com (Starting Aug 4, 2011)

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The big idea

User experience design introduces a challenge. If you tried designing yourself, you know what we mean. You also know that you are not the user and that you cannot 'think like the user' to offer great UX. It doesn't work this way. We wish it was that simple. But you want great UX, you want Apple-like design, you want Design Thinking. We know it's a struggle getting there. We offer help.

At leanuxmachine, you’ll be introduced to design principles, techniques, and methodologies that will help you figure out what customers need. You will work collaboratively with team members toward a basic design for your idea and will be coached by UX professionals. You will get first-hand experience with what Eric Ries calls 'Validated learning' and what Steve Blank means by 'Get out of the building'.

The event is open for startup teams with at least a founder, a product definition person, and a programmer. Each team will be assigned with a UX mentor for the entire event who will provide guidance through UX research and design.


Johanna Kollmann
London, UK

Johanna Kollmann started her career in UX at Siemens in 2004 and has since gained experience in both in-house and agency-side roles. In London, she worked at Flow Interactive and Vodafone, and is now a Senior UX Consultant at EMC Consulting. Her background is in Information Design and HCI. Passionate about building better things through collaboration, Johanna co-founded Design Jam, organizes the Agile UX meetup London, and is a member of the Balanced Team community. She has presented at the IA Summit, Euro IA, Agile and several barcamps, trying to get better every time.  Johanna likes dancing at gigs, hiking up hills, ice cream, and manta rays. She’s @johannakoll on Twitter.
  Daniel Szuc
Hong Kong, China

Daniel Daniel Szuc is Principal Usability Consultant at Apogee, a usability consulting Services Company based in Hong Kong. Dan previously worked on a usability team for Telstra Australia. He is VP of the International UPA (Usability Professionals’ Association) and has lectured about UX in Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, the USA, New Zealand and Japan. He co-wrote a “Usability Kit” with Gerry Gaffney which is an implementation guide providing best practices and guidelines for usability teams. Dan is currently writing a book on Global UX with Whitney Quesenbery based on stories from UX practitioners around the world. Dan holds a BS in Information Management from Melbourne University in Australia.


In addition to Daniel Szuc and Johanna Kollmann, the following local UXers will mentor the startup teams throughout the event:

Tali Rosen-Shoham
Usability Expert at HP

Eyal Livne
VP PM & Design at mySupermarket.com

Dana Cohen Baron
UX & Product Consultant
Michal Levin
UX Designer at Google Israel

Ariel Eshel
UX Design Consultant

Tomer Sharon
UX Researcher at Google New York

Omri Eliav
UX and Design Leader at IBM

Noa Bichovsky
Experience consultant


Yaakov Greenshpan
UX Guru

Shai Granot
UX Consultant



Thursday, Aug 4: Planning Friday, Aug 5: Research Saturday, Aug 6: Design
17:00 Networking & pizza
18:00 Speakers
20:30 Project pitches
22:00 Team meetings
22:45 1st checkpoint
23:00 Doors close
09:00 Doors open, breakfast
12:00 Lunch
15:00 2nd checkpoint
18:00 Dinner
23:00 Doors close
09:00 Doors open, breakfast
12:00 Lunch
14:30 Prototypes due
15:00 Prototype demos begin
17:00 Winners announced

What were the criteria for applying?

Startup teams who meet the following criteria:
  • Early stage
  • No commitment to customers that affect the product
  • At least 3 team members will attend: a founder, a product definition person, and a programmer
  • Open to learning about UX
  • Have a basic idea for their startup
  • The startup idea is a product for consumers

Non-requirements (things you do not need to have by the time you apply):

  • A design of your product
  • A registered company
  • Funding

  Registration is now closed!  

Thank you for applying.
Notifications for all applicants were sent on July 13-14.

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